Mei Maras Spanking Exercise

Oriental spanking exercise and boobie caning of whipped and nipple tormented polynese tattooed slave girl Mei in degrading painful workouts and harsh lashing punishments in hellfire pain and endless tortures. Polynese Mei is a fit and enduring slavegirl of Asian descent but being whipped, caned and tit tortured whilst doing workouts can put a strain on even the heftiest of painsluts. She obediently carries out her orders and suffers in beauty like a good slave girl.

At this school of strict discipline, noise after lights out is strictly forbidden. So when the headmaster heard giggling from one among the beds, boy was he pissed! Throwing back the covers, he grabbed the 2 girls in their nighties and dragged them back to his study. He began to beat the schoolgirls together with his paddle, making their bottoms shine red with broken capillaries. But the tough girls were barely sniffling. For such a significant misdemeanor, he would wish a harder tool! From his wall off canes, the headmaster chose his longest stick

These girls are now really in fear of the hard caning! “Please Sir! we’ll be good. many thanks for beating the wickedness out of us!” the women cries were vainly . The headmaster became more enraged from their pleas of mercy and bent the women over his lap and held them still. The schoolgirls were absolutely helpless to try to to anything. They knew that nobody would answer their screams that were becoming louder and more shrill with each skin-tearing crack on the cane. Their only hope was to plead, “We have learned our lesson, Sir! Thank you!”

If these schoolgirls can’t learn to behave, then they better learn to like the punishment! Julie and Margeret have once more been caught in serious offense. Headmistress knows that they actually need a tough caning if the women are getting to learn to be good!

The firm-handed headmistress bends the women over her lap, pulls down their little knickers and starts spanking them together with her palm. Every spank stings their delightful butt cheeks but the women think they’re getting off easily. they do not realize that the headmistress is simply warming up their bums for a tough caning