Belindas Barebottom Spanking – P1

Belinda folded the last bit of laundry and carried the basket to their bedroom. As she put the clothes away she noticed herself becoming more and more nervous. Any minute her husband would be pulling into the driveway. She was not afraid of Kevin, just nervously anticipating the punishment she would be receiving from him that evening.
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It was an agreement at the very beginning of their marriage that he had full authority as head of the house and discipline was a big part of this agreement. He promised to always be fair and she would always know beforehand what her punishment would be. She knew this night would perhaps be the most severe punishment Kevin had ever dealt her. When he had spoken with her on the phone earlier he was calm yet stern. But it was the disappointment in his voice that bothered her the most. Not only had she broken her promise to stop smoking, but she had also been deceitful on more than one occasion in order to hide it.

She was putting the last of the clean towels in the bathroom when she heard the key in the front door. It was then she felt that familiar flutter in her stomach. She knew she deserved a spanking, needed it even, but she always dreaded the part before; the talk.

That morning, like every other morning, Belinda kissed her husband goodbye and waved as he left for work. She fixed another cup of coffee and sat down to make a grocery list. Afterward she put the list in her purse and headed upstairs to take a shower. Just as she reached the top of the stairs, the doorbell rang. Pulling her robe more snuggly around her and tieing the belt as she went back down the stairs, the doorbell rang again. This was her warning once it had rung a second time. She knew it was her only neighbor. Just how I wanted to start my morning, she thought to herself. She opened the door halfway and greeted Ms. Drapper with as much warmth and kindness as she could muster, which ended up being a fake smile and a quick ” Good morning Ms. Draper.” Belinda was quickly assured with a hasty ” it most definitely is not a good morning when I arose to find my trash can knocked over and trash all over my yard.

This is the second time this week I might add! The only way that could have happened” she snipped” was that you & Kevin must have let that dog of yours run around loose again !” Belinda apologized to Ms. Drapper’s back as the little old lady shuffled her way off the porch. She remembered Kevin calling for Chelsea last night then locking the back gate. Apparently mans best friend had outsmarted them again. Belinda walked to the backdoor and called Chelsea knowing she was silly for hoping their dog would obediently come running from somewhere in the backyard. She found her house shoes and stepped out onto the patio. Before finally hearing the playful barks and pawing at the back gate, Belinda saw the hole that was dug under a broken part of the fence. Of course, it was the side leading to Ms. Drapper’s driveway. There was another project to add to her chores for the day. She put Chelsea on the chain and went to get dressed.

She was trying to push the urge for a cigarette out of her head but she found herself giving in. As soon as the image of her husband taking the hairbrush off the dresser came into her head she immediately thought: I just will finish this pack and be done with it. I’m doing laundry later anyway, Kevin won’t be able to smell it if I smoke one outside. She reached under the lounge chair cushion and took the pack of cigarettes out. As soon as she opened it she noticed the little rolled up piece of paper and felt a sudden sickening feeling. When she began to unroll it, she recognized it immediately. It was a piece of stationery from Kevin’s desk. She had been caught. Worse, she had no idea how long he had known before he chose to confront her. She opened it the rest of the way and read; Belinda, call me at work immediately. Kevin.

Suddenly she had lost her urge for a cigarette. She took the pack inside along with the note and laid them on the counter. Nervously, she picked up the phone and dialed her husband’s office. When he answered she quietly stammered ” Hi babe, it’s me.” He had an idea what she was calling about because of the nervousness in her voice. She always talked quietly and with hesitation when she knew she was in trouble. Although at the moment he was beyond disappointed with her, he still found this meekness about her cute and desirable. He knew he had to put these feelings aside until after he punished her. He patiently waited for her to speak again. She very softly stammered ” I uhm, I found your note. Another minute of silence then ” I know what has to happen…… I am very sorry Kevin. ” He told her that she was correct, although he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t just sorry that she had been caught.

He knew a part of her punishment would be the waiting. It wasn’t even noon yet. ” We will address this later when I get home. ” He heard a long sigh, then a barely audible ” yes sir. ” He never had to remind her to answer respectfully when she was being disciplined. Belindah was reared by a strict father and it was an automatic reaction for her. He wondered what got into her at times that she would behave like this knowing the consequences. This time he realized of course, she thought she had gotten by with it. This was unlike her to be sneaky and it hurt him that she hid something from him. He instructed her to not throw the cigarettes away and that she was not to leave the house for anything other than going to the grocery store.

She went about the rest of her day feeling anxious and frustrated. Even though she dreaded the process of a discipline spanking, she always felt better afterward. At least inside anyway. She just wanted to get it over with. The more time that went by the more guilty and stupid she felt. I know it’s a disgusting and unhealthy habit, why do I feel like I have to have it to calm down? she thought to herself.