Spanking Glossary

We found an old spanking glossary. It isn’t just correct still, it is incredibly useful and thorough so we will bring it back to light:

Spanking Glossary

Belt Generally a leather belt , may be used single or doubled over . The tawse is called ” The Belt ” in Scotland , eg ” Kree is to get the belt ! ” .

Birch A number of birch branches are bound together in a bundle and used horizontally . Another branch commonly used is Firethorn . The sensation is intense and it must be used cautiously. There is a modified type which is made from rattan . These are safer , less intense and are unlikely to cut the skin unlike birch or firethorn branches .

Bottom The one receiving the spanking , the spankee or recipient .

Cane A springy length of reed , generally rattan cane . Canes can be up to 4 feet long . The unique marks left by the cane are referred to as ” tramlines ” or ” railroad lines “

Contrapolar Stimulation A type of physical stimulation that incorporates the feelings of both pleasure ( through the release of endorphins in the brain ) and pain .

Crop Similar to a cane with a folded-leather ” popper ” on the end . Generally only the leather end is used

Dressage or Buggy Whip Similar to a crop, only longer and without the ” popper ” . In place of the popper there’s generally a short strand of twine .

Fall The tail , or tails of a leather etc. implement .

Flogger A bundle of leather ( generally soft leather ) straps , or ropes with a handle . It may have several dozen tails .

Horsehair Flogger Long hairs from a horses tail attached to a handle .

Implement Something used to spank with i.e. a paddle .

Loopy Johnny Loops of thin rubber or plastic tubing or round leather attached to a handle .

Martinet A number of leather laces tied to a short handle ( French ) .

Masochist A person who derives pleasure from pain . From the writings of Leopold von SacherMasoch .

Over the Knee ( otk ) The classic spanking position for hand-spanking or small paddles . The spanker is generally seated on a chair . Lounges , beds etc , where spankees upper body is supported , are useful for longer sessions .

Play A term used to refer to spanking .

Pizzlea A fairly rigid implement made from a dried bull’s penis . ( Spanish )

Quirt A short whip having a short , stiff handle . A thin strap of leather is wrapped through the loop at the other end leaving one or two short tails .

Role Play Refers to a fantasy scenario being played out . Common roles are boss/employee , doctor/nurse , warden/prisoner , principal/student , etc. Usually there is some imagined situation that one partner finds that enhances the satisfaction . A good partner assumes the complimentary role to increase the partner’s satisfaction .

Sadist An individual who enjoys causing pain in a non-consensual manner or regardless of the presence of absence of consent . Derives from the writings of the Marquis de Sade . See S & M .

Safeword A word used by the spankee to indicate that they are near or at their maximum tolerance level . It can be any word agreed upon before starting , common ones are ” yellow ” indicating approaching maximum close to maximum ( slow down ) and ” red ” indicating stop . The words ” don’t ” and ” stop ” are rarely used as they may be confused with the role-play dialog . The word for stop can used in two ways , to stop a part of the session or to stop the session ( this generally makes the spankee less likely to use the word ) .

SAM Smart Arsed Masochist . A pseudo submissive who attempts to control everything the dominant does . A term of contempt .

S & M Sadism and Masochism . A term often used to describe the D&S scene , however , it is falling into disrepute because it is both inaccurate ( All Dominants are not sadists . ) and overly limited ( All Submissives are not masochists . ) . See Sadist and Masochist .

Session A term for the total period of a spanking activity . This comprises the warm up , the spanking ( s ) , rests or breaks and the wind down .

Single-Tail Another name for a saddle whip , signal whip , stock whip or bull whip . These come in a number of ” plaits ” meaning how many lengthwise strands are woven together to form the whip tail , ranging from 4 to 32 . Generally , the more plaits the better ( and more expensive ) . Most are made from leather ( kangaroo skin is the most durable ) . This implement is only for the experienced .

Sjambok Originally a rigid hide whip , but now more commonly , a solid but slightly flexible tapered plastic rod between 3 and 4 feet long . It is used for crowd control . ( Southern Africa )

Slapper A farm implement used to herd pigs . Made from two wide strips of leather sewn together to form a handle the other unstitched end makes a ” slapping ” noise . Also called ” Clapper ” .

Slipper A slipper or gym shoe . Popular in the UK . It’s short length makes it suitable for OTK or Bending Over positions .

Spencer Paddle A wooden paddle , designed by by Dr. Dorothy Spencer

Spreader bar A bar used to secure hands or feet to keep them apart .

St. Andrews Cross A large “X” frame , hands and feet are secured to the ends.

Stingy A description of a sharp, piercing sensation much like a bee sting , it generally results from a light implement used with high velocity.

Switch ( 1 ) Someone who ” Switches ” between giving and receiving .

Switch ( 2 ) A straight, slender rod cut from a bush or tree . It differs from a “stick” in the respect that it is thinner and more flexible . This flexibility places a switch somewhere in between a thin rattan cane and a birch rod . May be a stripped thin hickory or ash branch .

Tattooing The practice of rapidly flicking an implement e.g. a cane . This may be done with increasing intensity .

Tan Generally used in the same way as spank , refers to the tanning process for leather .

Tawse A Scottish term for a leather strap slit into several tails at one end . These tails follow the shape of the buttocks , allowing the air cushion to escape when the strap strikes . More is on the TAWSES Page .

Thuddy A description of the dull sensation which results from a heavy implement used at low velocity . Can be produced with a hank of rope .

Top The one giving the spanking , the spanker or giver .

Toy A spanking implement .

Trestle Another name for a spanking bench or horse .

Vanilla A term referring to conventional relationships .

Wrapping Marking around the side of the buttocks , generally a result of inexperience .