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Emma was an anal bitch sometimes. She had not wanted her life to go the way it did, but it had and now she was dealing with it in her typical commandeering way. She had met Magick in college and fallen in love at first sight. They began dating, one thing led to another, and she was pregnant by her senior year. Emma went a little crazy then, but when she suggested that an abortion could fix the “problem”, Magick went ballistic and gave her a lesson she would never forget!

Five years and three kids later, her fate was sealed and she was bitter about the loss of the brilliant law career she had left behind. When she went to the mailbox and found a found dog flier inside, she felt a rush of indignation.

“How dare they! It is against federal law to tamper with someone’s mailbox. I’ll show them!” Emma felt the adrenaline rush through her, picking on people for these little trifles was the only way she could get her kicks these days. “Who do they think they are, putting this flier in my mailbox! It is a violation of my privacy, I mean, what if I went through their mail, how would they feel?”

Emma went into the house and set the flier on the table. She had to get dinner on the table and put in a load of laundry so that Magick could not complain that the brats were running around in dirty clothes. She went about her business and it was not until the next day that she came across the flier again.

“Ha! Time to take care of this right now!” She sat down, and dialed the number. It rang four times and an answering machine came on. “Hi, this is Emma. I live up the street. I found a flier asking about some dog in my mailbox and I just wanted to let you know that this is unacceptable! It is illegal to put things in other people’s mailboxes and I would appreciate it if you would never do that again. I am sure that other people in the neighborhood are as upset as I am about this. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that if it happens again, I will have to report you. Goodbye.” Emma slammed the phone down. She had hoped to speak with someone and leaving a message like that had taken the wind out of her sails. Never mind, the brats were asking for something to eat and if she forgot to feed them lunch, Magick would be angry with her.

A couple of hours later, Magick came home and the children ran to him as usual. He scooped them up and kissed and hugged them.

“Kids, I want you to pack a little bag of your things. You are going to spend the night with grandma!” The kids cheered, they loved it at grandmas. They could stay up late and eat candy and sometimes she would take them to the park – mommy never took them to the park. “Emma, I want you to get some things together for Billy. I am taking the kids to my moms tonight.”

“He’s almost three now, Magick, you need to stop babying him!” Emma put her hands on her hips and gave him a sullen look.

“Emma, I am not going to tell you again. We need tonight for ourselves, we have much to discuss!” Magick looked straight at her and with that one look; Emma knew she was in for it.

After Magick had left with the kids, Emma rushed around the house cleaning, and straightening things. She would not give Magick anything to be angry about when he got home!
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It was two hours later when she heard the car pull back into the driveway. She shoved the load of laundry into a basket and hid it under the washtub – out of sight, out of mind! Magick came through the door and called her from the kitchen. Emma ran down the stairs and then walked down the hall slowly, trying to will her heartbeat into a normal rhythm. When she walked into the kitchen she saw an assortment of cuffs and bindings on the table. Thank God! She thought, He is not really angry with me; he just set up a rare night away from the brats! And handcuffs, how kinky! This is going to be fun!

“Emma, I want you to take off all of your clothes and fold them neatly on the table.” She obeyed quickly and a shiver went up her spine in anticipation. Usually she insisted on quick, missionary style sex because she figured that if Magick did not want to have sex with her very often, they could not get pregnant again. If only he would let me take birth control, I would not have to worry so much.

Once she was completely naked, Magick picked up a pair of handcuffs and bound he wrists behind her. He then led her to the back porch and told her to wait. They lived in a rural area and no one would be able to see her from the road, so she sat down on the picnic bench and waited. Soon Magick came back with several lengths of rope, a dog collar and a leash. When he saw her sitting down, he grabbed her roughly by the arm and lifted her up.