Belindas Barebottom Spanking – P2

She had already made dinner and covered it. She was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be eating much of it. at least not for a while. She walked down the stairs and waited as he opened the front door. They made eye contact only for a moment before she looked down.

“Go get the cigarettes and wait in the bedroom.” She felt her stomach do a flip as she reached the top of the stairs. She sat on their bed and waited. When she heard his footsteps on the stairs she felt that nervous flutter she always had right before she was to be spanked. He walked into the room and laid the paddle on the bed before sitting down next to her. “Belinda, you know how much I love you don’t you ?”

She was surprised that this was the first thing he chose to say to her. After all, she had broken a promise, did something she knew was not acceptable behind his back, and did it more than once. “Yes, I know that you love me very much.” “I want to do anything and everything to protect you Belinda, you make that very difficult to do when you choose to smoke. You know it’s unhealthy. ” She knew she didn’t have even one tiny shred of defense. So she just meekly answered, ” I know.” He stood up and continued with ” What is even more disappointing is that you deliberately chose to continue this disgusting habit despite the fact that we have already discussed it once. You did it behind my back. ” He watched her face to see if his words were having the effect he had hoped for. She had begun fidgeting and wouldn’t look at him. ” Belinda, look at me.
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I had hoped that the spanking I gave you the first time would deter you from any more urges to smoke. Apparently I wasn’t thorough enough or is it that you just don’t have any respect for me ?” She looked up at him trying so hard to not let the tears come. “Keven please don’t think that I don’t have any respect for you. I don’t know why I let things bother me so much that I feel I need a cigarette. I feel really stupid and bad that I did. I’m so sorry that I broke my promise to not ever do it again. I do want to stop…” She looked back down and continued fidgeting with her hands. ” I want to believe that hon, I really do, but that will depend on if I find another pack of cigarettes anywhere. You realize that your spanking will be more severe this time don’t you ?” She answered with a barely audible “yes sir”. ” He pulled her vanity chair out into the middle of the floor.

“Come lay over my lap.” Belinda did as she was told, knowing this would be the easy part, just a warm-up for what was still to come. After placing his hand firmly at the small of her back, he began spanking her with his hand very firm and swift until he felt her began to squirm slightly. He alternated the last few swats on her cheeks harder and more rapidly. “Now stand up and take off your jeans and panties.” Belinda slowly rose and began to unbutton her jeans. She laid her jeans and panties on the floor next to the bed and waited. She grew more anxious as she watched him pull the pillows to the middle of the bed. “How many have you smoked since our discussion? She looked down nervously. She knew any further dishonesty would be asking for more trouble so in a small and timid voice she answered “Five.” He picked up the cigarettes and tossed them on the bed. ” Thank you for being honest. I counted them. Now, pick up the paddle and hand it to me.” He knew she found this difficult but wanted to make sure the message was more clear this time. After he had the paddle in hand, he told her to lie down over the pillows and to keep her bottom up. After she was bent over the pillows feeling quite small and helpless, she drew in a long breath and tried to prepare herself for what she knew was going to hurt like hell and then some.

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” You are getting fifteen swats with the paddle, three for each one that you smoked after we agreed and you promised that you wouldn’t. If you get out of position or rub your bottom without permission you can expect 3 more swats. Do you understand ?” A long sigh followed by “yes sir”. “Then you will be punished for hiding it from me. Had you have told me that you did not feel as if you could control the urge on your own, I would have helped motivate you in other ways. I want you to learn that being decietful only gets in you into more trouble.” He began by rubbing the paddle lightly across her bottom. “I want you to count each one.”

SMACK …. “One” SMACK…. “Two” SMACK…. “…..Three” SMACK…” Owww..Four”