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Classic Caning Movies: Fairy Tales
Publisher: RGE FILMS
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Do you like tales regarding princesses? concerning misbehaved princesses? does one forever miss one thing in such tales? a true caning? thus you’ll see 2 of them nowadays.

How would such a story begin? Well, maybe like this: Once upon a time there lived 3 stunning princesses during a castle with their mother, Associate in Nursing evil queen. does one just like the story? we have a tendency to hope you’ll relish it. 2 sisters, stunning twins, don’t like their third sister a lot of. They set her up so she is deuced for a broken jar. They understand what’s awaiting her. However, the blue blood provides a coin to a fine looking maid to gather the broken items and to not say something. however the poor lady doesn’t understand what it suggests that for her.

On the queen´s order, the terrific brunette is dragged off to the castle jail, wherever her garments are torn off by a brute servant ahead of a sexy powdery decked-out retainer, therefore the hands of the sexy caretaker will relish her naked body. once the short pawing, locution “business comes before pleasure”, the mendicancy lady is tied to a post and therefore the servant starts wickerwork her stunning achromatic bottom.

From the terribly 1st hit, the poor lady is solicitation and screaming, and doesn’t wish to mention wherever the jar is. However, it solely brings her alternative caning. She implores and screams, wiggly in pain, red weals showing one once another on the erst white bottom. once the caretaker orders the servant to require a replacement, soaked cane and begin whipping conjointly her thighs. The poor lady solely screams and cries till her bottom and thighs are all whipped, swollen and purple; throughout the terrible scream, she admits the jar was broken by the blue blood.

The queen checks the results of the caning and orders to cane the blue blood within the same means because the maid. The proud blue blood doesn’t wish to humble herself ahead of her torturers; she impertinently and contumaciously calls them to try and do their job. She undresses ahead of them while not feeling shame, showing them her beautiful achromatic naked body with little firm breasts and a fine looking spherical disobedient bottom. She is tied to the post and therefore the wickerwork might begin.

From the terribly 1st hit, however, the lady´s dignity and defiance step by step disappears and therefore the poor girl starts to scream in pain from the terribly 1st hit. She begs she cannot stand it from now on, that it hurts most, however the cane whistle and therefore the whipping continues together with her heart-breaking cry. Finally, her stunning bottom is all crushed up and therefore the crying aristocrat solely hangs in cuffs and sobs.

The astonishingly clothed story ends within the made ateliers with a scene placed during a throne hall. however will this end? Well, you have got to ascertain for yourselves. Before the bell has rung and therefore the story is over…

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the first camera master, i.e. in 720×576 with utterly sharp image.
Length 27min.
(Regarding the age of the flicks and incomplete archives, sadly, we’ve no subtitles for this movie)

As a matter of interest. One week once the shooting of this tale, the whipped blue blood compete in our next film, within the 1st episode of the stories “From the Headmaster’s Study: A note for absence”, wherever you’ll be able to see her bottom lined by bruises, create once this wickerwork – and conjointly however she gets new fifty five hits with a cane on the sore bottom.

The maid then plays within the next film of an equivalent series “From the Headmaster’s Study” .

The post was designed and made specifically for this film on the idea of a model you’ll be able to see in galleries. it absolutely was conjointly utilized in the “The nice Role” and “The Deep Impact” movies.