Retro: Wild Africa Canings

Sites We Miss Series: Legendary caning and spanking sites that sadly are no more – but sorely (pun intended!) missed!

Wild Africa Canings delivered hard and creative caning sessions. Everything female submissives in merciless judicial caning, prison canings, female to female punishment sessions and much more beyond

Original Wild Africa Canings Information

Wild Africa Canings (WAC) produces a line of Corporal Punishment videos, dedicated to the examination of dominance and submission, with real, raw severity of canings. We offer:

All kinds of domination
Male – female; female – male; female – female and male – male.

Severity and reality
No title too severe for our collection

Fetish and sexuality
Complimentary to arousal and erotism

A broad spectrum of interest
Exploring the consuming erotic hold of corporal punishment on their devotees, i.e. severe caning, strap-on dildoing, foot worship, suffocation

Wild Africa Canings (WAC), from the wild continent of Africa, with a darker past and many prohibited laws, recently lit a candle in the vast darkness of uninformed, depraved and marginalized masses of Africa, translating domination, fetishism and the art of pain and pleasure to the conscious fantasies of many worshipers.

We produce erotic videos reflecting the wildness of our country – the powerful domination of the elephant; the swift meticulousness of the leopard; the torturous brutality of the lion; the imperious sleekness and grace of the giraffe and above all the wild, exciting, bloodwarm and passionate pulse of life in Africa.

Focusing on erotism and severity, we guarantee that fantasies will be acted out – powerful, meticulous, brutal and elegant, and that debts of naughtiness will be repaid.

It is our aim to shed light on consensual discipline between adults as a form of sexual foreplay. Naughty subs bend over in all sorts of situations, from role playing to play punishments to stimulation for the fun of it.